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Ensemble is the french word for together. I belive that you never can achieve anything with your dogs on your own. You have to have good dogs,fantastic puppy buyers and goals. Not all dogs will become showstars, not all will become huntingstars, but they have to be of good type and of great mentality!

I started with the italian spinone in 1985, By that time it was hard to find new really good material so I converted to bracco Italiano. I still have a great passion for the spinone breed and I follow whats happening with the breed around the world.

The first bracco came into my life in 1994 when I had the opportunity to buy a bracco female from kennel Olympos in Denmark. Gitte & John imported Daria from kennel Mirandolensis in Italy from Dr.Mauro Bellodi. The first bracco litter in Sweden was born 1995 at kennel Ensemble. Sire was the famous male, Olympos Felice Anno Nuovo.

I travelled to Italy to try to find a suitable male for Daria to be mated with and also to learn more about the breed. The journey resulted in buying two males, the beautiful brown roan Minosse and the strong and powerful Caruso. Also from kennel Mirandolensis.


I became a hunting trial judge in 2006. I have been in france as a passiv judge studying other rather rare continetal breeds on field trials. Many thanks to the judges taking so good care of me. I have learnt a lot. I have also been in Italy attending field trials with two of my own dogs with various results. Great experience since we have different rules in our countries. I have also been showing the dogs in Italy with great results.


During the years the kennel has produced a number of field trial prizes and hunting champions.

1st kennel outside Italy to have a fieldtrial champion!

We have several winning titles to be proud of. 4 Worldwinners under Italian judge and danish breed specialst. European, Norwegian ,Danish and Swedish Winner titles.

It is extremely important that a bracco Italiano looks like it should in type, have its hunting skills and has a good mentality.

You will find all the dogs connected to the Ensemble kennel both in the past and present on the sight. All with their pedigrees and photos for you to study and compare to your own pedigrees. Perhaps of pure curiousity or to find a suitable puppy for your future breeding or to find a suitable stud dog.

Welcome to to explore the sight of Bracco Italiano at

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